Ongoing research projects

Physical stores in a digital age

For a number of years, various combinations of researchers from the lab have been collaborating with retailers about “the future of retailing”. We have (so far) focused on the physical store in a digital age and more specifically we have looked at “digital tools enhancing shopper in-store decision-making”. In this vein of research we have looked at effects of shoppers using smartphones, hand-held scanners, interactive screens, digital signage and more. In parallel we have also looked at “the role/purpose of the physical store in an omni-channel world”. Here we are more interested in looking at the store layout, the range selection, the services provided in the store etcetera. We are currently collaborating with multiple international researchers and retailers, running field studies, in these projects. At the same time we constantly want new partners. Hence, if you are a retailer who is interested in collaborating with us in the quest to understand the future role for the physical store (or high street for that matter), please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss it further.

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