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The Retailing and Contemporary Consumerism Research Lab at University of Bath’s School of Management is an initiative by the School to become even more relevant to the surrounding society. Retailing, online and offline, including supply chains and the selling of branded goods is a major industry sector influencing the daily lives of people around the world. It influences people’s lives because we all are shoppers but also because the industry is a huge employer. Whilst the Lab is a service to the retailing industry it helps students to build contacts with companies and it provides the participating researchers with access to research ideas, collaborations and data.

At the Lab we acknowledge the fact that many retail companies do not have their own research & development departments, so this is what we try to be: an industry wide research & development department. One ambition is to be a think-tank for the UK retailing industry helping companies with research, training and getting in contact with talent. We also see ourselves as partnering companies’ window into the academic world, helping these companies getting access to academic research, faculty and activities – and potentially employees.

The researchers at the lab have a long experience of working tightly together with retail companies, suppliers and vendors in strategic research projects and training programs.

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Professor Jens Nordfält
Professor Jens Nordfält


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