Bath Retail Camp 2023

Featured Profs. Barbara Kahn and Bob Meyer of Wharton Business School

What:   A day-long event to inspire research
When:   Wednesday, 3 May
Where:  University of Bath, School of Management

Professor Barbara Kahn, Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor, Wharton Business School
Author of: Variety seeking, satiation, and maximizing enjoyment over time (Sevilla, Lu, & Kahn 2019) and

The influence of positive affect on variety seeking among safe, enjoyable products (Kahn & Isen 1993)

Professor Robert Meyer, Frederick H. Ecker/MetLife Insurance Professor of Marketing and Co-Director, Risk Management, Decision Processes Center, Wharton Business School
Author of: A Tale of Two Twitterspheres: Political Microblogging During and After the 2016 Primary Debates Berman, Melumad, Humphrey, & Meyer 2023) and

Empirical generalizations in the modeling of consumer choice (Meyer & Johnson 1995)

Professor Jens Nordfalt, Retail Lab Co-Director, University of Bath School of Management
Author of: Understanding How Music Influences Shopping on Weekdays and Weekends (Ahlbom, Roggeveen, Grewal, & Nordfält 2022) and

In-store mobile phone use and customer shopping behavior: Evidence from the field (Grewal, Ahlbom, Beitelspacher, Noble, and Nordfält 2018)

Dr. Adriana Madzharov, University of Bath School of Management
Author of:Self-control and touch: when does direct versus indirect touch increase hedonic evaluations and consumption of food (Madzharov 2019) and

The Cool Scent of Power: Effects of Ambient Scent on Consumer Preferences and Choice Behavior (Madzharov, Block, & Morrin 2015)