Bath Retail Camp 2023

Featured Profs. Barbara Kahn and Bob Meyer of Wharton Business School

What:   A day-long event to inspire research
When:   Wednesday, 3 May
Where:  University of Bath, School of Management

Professor Barbara Kahn, Patty and Jay H. Baker Professor, Wharton Business School
Author of: Variety seeking, satiation, and maximizing enjoyment over time (Sevilla, Lu, & Kahn 2019) and

The influence of positive affect on variety seeking among safe, enjoyable products (Kahn & Isen 1993)

Professor Robert Meyer, Frederick H. Ecker/MetLife Insurance Professor of Marketing and Co-Director, Risk Management, Decision Processes Center, Wharton Business School
Author of: A Tale of Two Twitterspheres: Political Microblogging During and After the 2016 Primary Debates Berman, Melumad, Humphrey, & Meyer 2023) and

Empirical generalizations in the modeling of consumer choice (Meyer & Johnson 1995)

Professor Jens Nordfalt, Retail Lab Co-Director, University of Bath School of Management
Author of: Understanding How Music Influences Shopping on Weekdays and Weekends (Ahlbom, Roggeveen, Grewal, & Nordfält 2022) and

In-store mobile phone use and customer shopping behavior: Evidence from the field (Grewal, Ahlbom, Beitelspacher, Noble, and Nordfält 2018)

Dr. Adriana Madzharov, University of Bath School of Management
Author of:Self-control and touch: when does direct versus indirect touch increase hedonic evaluations and consumption of food (Madzharov 2019) and

The Cool Scent of Power: Effects of Ambient Scent on Consumer Preferences and Choice Behavior (Madzharov, Block, & Morrin 2015)

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The Bath Master’s Experience Event 10 March: Free Live Online Lecture!

If you are a prospective student interested in our MSc Strategic Retailing – join us for an online taster lecture with prof Jens Nordfält with the title “Shopper psychology in a digital world”! Tune into prof Nordfält’s lecture is on 10 March, 9:00am to 10:30am GMT.

Highlighted publication

The Past and Future of Gender Research in Marketing: Paradigms, Stances, and Value-Based Commitments

This systematic literature review enhances paradigmatic/metaphysic analyses by examining how value-based commitments, intellectual personae, and stances impact the diversity, relevance, and consideration of ethics in gender research published in the top-tier marketing journals over the past 30 years. Theoretical contributions: 1) explain how commitments to research values and practices constitute personae and particular stances towards research, 2) attribute value commitments to positivist/ quantitative as well as humanist/qualitative research, and 3) implicate stances that favor particular theories and procedures in the hierarchical development of gender research and its marginalization in our field. Recommendations elaborate the analytic, reflexive and administrative training and research activities that will foster and reward more relevant, accurate, and ethical research on gender in the marketing academy and in industry. This work is of interest to persons dealing with gender identities, communities, and social issues, those working for greater gender representation and participation in firms and civic organizations, and those concerned with leveraging better marketing research for a better world.

Highlighted publication

Understanding How Music Influences Shopping on Weekdays and Weekends

This research investigates how shopping on a weekday or a weekend moderates the impact of music on supermarket sales. Contrary to the intuitive beliefs of interviewed store managers, a meta-analysis, two field studies, and a controlled experimental study indicate that playing pleasant music (vs. no music) in supermarkets on weekdays enhances sales, an effect not found on weekends. Theorizing and interviews with shoppers suggest a potential reason for this weekpart difference: Shoppers are more mentally depleted on weekdays (vs. weekends). A final study demonstrates and tests mental depletion as the driving factor for how shoppers are affected by music during different weekparts. When consumers are depleted (e.g., on weekdays) music increases affect, which mediates the impact of music on sales. The results of the studies further indicate that weekpart plays a significant role in determining the impact of in-store music on sales. This article concludes with a discussion of the substantive and theoretical importance of incorporating the impact of weekparts to predict in-store marketing effectiveness.

Highlighted publication

The Impact of In-Store Inspirational (vs. Deal-Oriented) Communication On Spending: The Importance of Activating Consumption Goal-Completion

In-store communication delivered through technology formats (e.g., kiosk, digital display) as well as non-technology formats (e.g., magazine cover, flyer) can help retailers enhance sales by delivering relevant content to consumers. Although prior research has primarily examined the effects of deal-oriented content that primarily offers promotions for a single product on shopper spending, the effects of inspirational content that sparks ideas (e.g., novel ways to use products) on spending are unclear. Inspirational content can affect spending differently from deal-oriented content as it activates stronger motivation for consumption goal-completion. Guided by motivation for goal-completion, this article proposes that inspirational content increases spending more than deal-oriented content does. The authors propose and empirically test the hypotheses using data from a set of experimental studies, a field experiment, and an eye-tracking study. The results show that inspirational content increases spending more than deal-oriented content or no content. This effect is mediated by consumption goal-completion, such that it is attenuated when consumers already have consumption goals or when the content detracts from inspiration-induced goals. These results suggest that retailers can increase sales by using clear, inspirational content in their communications.


New MSc in Strategic Retailing!

The University of Bath School of Management is launching a brand new MSc course in Strategic Retailing (first intake 2023/24)! We’ve partnered with experts to help prepare students for a career in the retailing industry.

We’ve combined our leading research with our industry partners’ experience to design content relevant to contemporary retailing. You’ll develop the knowledge and practical skills leaders need for a successful career in the headquarters, stores and supply chains of the retail industry.

Applications are now open!

Read more about the course here

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Bath Retail research Featured in The Grocer

Holograms and video projections boost grocery store sales but the simpler, the better – new research from the Bath Retail Lab shows. The research findings were recently featured in The Grocer.

Research Seminars

Seminar: The Marketplace and I

Welcome to a new seminar in the Bath Retail Lab Seminar Series on Wednesday 27th April at 14:30-16:00 on Zoom.

This time we have the great pleasure of hosting Dr Leighanne Higgins from Lancaster University. Some may have come across some of Leighanne’s previous research investigating contemporary pilgrimages. In this seminar, Leighanne will introduce and present preliminary findings from an on-going art-based research project, “The Marketplace and I.” This participatory piece of research has worked with disabled persons and asked them create artworks that represent their commercial experiences. There are artworks comprising of retail, hospitality and tourism experiences and showcasing experiences of mobility, autism and sensory impairment.

If you would be interested in attending, please contact Tim Hill (

Research Seminars

Seminar: Designing for the Circular Economy

On Wednesday 27th April we had the great pleasure of hosting Professor Martin Charter from the University for the Creative Arts for the Bath Retail Seminar Series. Professor Charter is Director for The Centre for Sustainable Design at UCA, and presented his work on Designing for the Circular Economy (See also Prof Charter’s book with the same title here). Discussant for this seminar was Professor Pierre McDonagh, University of Bath, who led the interesting discussion.

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Seminar: The Cosmopolitan Servicescape

Welcome to a new seminar in the Bath Retail Lab Seminar Series on Wednesday 17th March at 10:00-11:30 on Zoom.

In March, we have Bernardo Figueredo from RMIT joining us to talk through his and his co-authors recently published research on the ‘Cosmopolitan Servicescape’. We hope you’re able to make it as Bernardo will be explaining how servicescapes champion a cosmopolitan ideology.

If you would be interested in attending this seminar, please contact Tim Hill (